Classic Cantilever



Classic Cantilever Transducer

The Cantilevered Transducer provides additional flexibility and cost-savings. Users can specify the fixed shaft roller of their choice – any length, diameter and material. It will accommodate almost any roller type, while eliminating the expense of an integrated cantilevered roller. Only the idler roller needs to be replaced; users will be able to save on maintenance costs. In addition, the Cantilevered Transducer eliminates the need to custom – design transducers for non – standard applications.

The unique design eliminates the effects of shifting cantilevered loads. The force remains the same no matter where the material is placed along the roller.

Ten different load ratings within two body sizes are available to provide sensing from 0.1 lb to 500 lb. Customers can select the roller of their choice, typically up to 20in / 500mm long. With versatile transducer orientation, the Cantilevered Transducer easily accommodates tension forces applied in any direction.

Available with either End Connector (EC) or Side Connector (SC) depending on mounting kit style (NONE, PB, BR or FL)

Model SC Part No. EC Part No. -00 -10 -20 -30
1T ALU MO-12131-xx MO-12132-xx 0.1 lb 1 lb 5 lb 10 lb
1T STEEL MO-12133-xx MO-12134-xx 25 lb 50 lb 100 lb
2T STEEL MO-12135-xx MO-12136-xx 100 lb 250 lb 500 lb


For further information on shaft adaptors, mounting kits, specification, installation and mounting data, consult the Classic Cantilever transducer datasheet

For more details on installation and troubleshooting: Classic Cantilever Instruction Manual