Classic Tensiometer



Cantilevered Roller Style Classic Tensiometer Transducers

CMC® Tensi-Master® Tension Transducers are cantilevered tension load cells for measurement and control of tension in applications such as printing, coating, cutting, plating, laminating, and embossing; and in the processing of wire, fiber and ribbons.

Tensi-Master Tension Transducers utilize a cantilevered “twin beam” design resulting in a high level linear output signal, high frequency response, and overall system stability.

Tensi-Master® Tension Transducers are available in eight different load ratings, providing tension sensing of wire, fiber and ribbons over an extremely wide range. With a versatile transducer orientation capability, they easily accommodate tension forces applied in any direction. Flexibility of installation is accomplished by adding mounting hardware to a basic module to complete the body style.

Imperial SC Part No. EC Part No. -0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7
TN Size 1T MO-08282-x MO-08283-x 5 lb 10 lb 15 lb 25 lb 50 lb 75 lb 100 lb 150 lb


For further information on specification, installation and mounting data, consult the Classic Tensiometer transducer datasheet