CMC Annular



CMC Annular web tension transducer

The CMC annular cartridge design transducers are designed for use with rotating shaft idler rollers, providing the added advantage that the self aligning bearing is an integral part of the transducer.

The mounting spigot is especially useful to machine builders in eliminating any misalignment of the roller and consequent web tracking error. The transducer is simply fitted onto the machine using either a pre-bored location hole or retrofitted with a foot mounting bracket.

Annular transducers can be fitted with a choice of bearings to accept different shaft diameters in each fransducer body size.

The internal self-aligning double row ball bearing accepts both angular and axial misalignment.

Foil strain gauges are used for the highest measurement accuracy.

Stainless steel construction for good corrosion resistance. Force ratings from 100N to 10kN

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