Transducers Overview

The Cleveland Kidder Ultra C – cartridge style transducers

Ultra Cartridge-Style Tension Load Cells provide a highly responsive linear output signal for measuring, monitoring and controlling web tension in continuous processes, using full-bridge semiconductor strain gauges and a temperature compensation network for consistent accuracy and performance. Ultra Cartridge Style Transducers are available for stationary shafts, for wire or narrow webs, and with flange and pillow block mounting kits. Also available in High Temperature and Vacuum Environment configurations.

The Cleveland Kidder Ultra CLT – Cantilever Roller Style Tension Load Cell

The Cleveland-Kidder Cantilevered Transducer CLT easily accommodates any cantilevered fixed shaft roller or sheave and precisely measures the same web tension regardless where the web is positioned along the roller. It measures a wide range of tensions accurately, from as little as 0.1 lbs. to as much as 500 lbs. By eliminating the need to purchase integrated rollers, the Cantilevered Transducer provides the user with additional flexibility over idler roller lengths, diameters, materials, and roller coatings. In addition, there is no need to custom-design transducers for non-standard applications; and when replacing cantilevered rollers, there is no need to replace the transducer. Also available in High Temperature and Vacuum Environment configurations.

Cleveland Kidder Ultra UPB – Under Pillow Block Load Cell

The Cleveland-Kidder Ultra UPB Washdown-Duty transducer measures and monitors precise tension on web process or wire machinery. With a completely sealed design (corrosion resisting and chemical resisting), this under-pillow-block style tension load cell is an ideal solution for demanding industrial environments, such as in the production of paper, steel, textiles, rubber, foil, and food products. The Ultra UPB Washdown-Duty transducer is designed for use with pillow block bearings and rotating shaft installations. It has a compact low-profile block design that can be mounted at any angle and used for retrofit or for new machinery. UPB tension load cells are available in High Temperature and Vacuum Environment configurations

Cleveland Kidder Ultra Slim Cell

The Ultra Slim Cell Transducer measures and monitors precise tension on web process or wire machinery that utilize either rotating shafts or dead shaft rollers. It is especially beneficial in tension load cell applications where space is tight, web tensions are typically low, and the environment is demanding. With a maintenance-free lubricated bearing with very low friction, it is ideal for low tension applications, extending usable tension ranges of web machinery by measuring both low and high tensions. Also available in High Temperature and Vacuum Environment configurations.

Classic CM Transducer for fixed and rotating shafts

The Classic CM range of transducers feature maximum force ratings from 100 to 4500N, internal overload protection to withstand tension transients, four popular body styles for speedy and easy installation, internal temperature compensation for wide abient temperature range.

Classic CR Cantilever Style Tension Load Cell

TN Tension Transducers are cantilevered tension load cells for measurement and control of tension in applications such as printing, coating, cutting, plating, laminating, and embossing; and in the processing of wire, fiber and ribbons. They are designed for supporting a customer supplied pulley assembly and are available in eight different load ratings to provide tension over an extremely wide range. CR Tension Transducers use a cantilevered “twin beam” design resulting in a high level linear output signal, high frequency response, and overall system stability.

Classic CS and CFL Cantilever Transducer with integral roller

The CS and CFL range of cantilever transducers feature built in rollers of 90 and 200mm face widths. The 90mm CS/CFL-1 with force ratings from 100 to 650N and the 200mm CS/CFL-2 from 45 to 200N. Internal overload stops to withstand tension transients.

With built in rollers, both the rear fixing and flange fixing versions are simple to fit, no extra items required – enabling quick installation.

CMC Annular ACDF Transducer

The CMC annular cartridge design transducers are designed for use with rotating shaft idler rollers, providing the added advantage that the self aligning bearing is an integral part of the transducer. The mounting spigot is especially useful in eliminating any misalignment of the roller and consequent web tracking error. ACDF transducers can be fitted with a choice of bearings to accept different shaft diameters in each fransducer body size. The internal self-aligning double row ball bearing accepts both angular and axial misalignment. Foil strain gauges are used for the highest measurement accuracy. Stainless steel construction for good corrosion resistance. Force ratings from 100N to 10kN