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The web tension specialists

CMC Controls is a manufacturer of web and wire tension control systems, web tension transducers / load cells, analogue and digital web tension indicators, web tension amplifiers and web tension controllers

  • Web and wire tension control transducers / web tension load cells for rotating and fixed shaft rollers
  • Cantilevered web tension transducers with optional rollers
  • Intrinsically safe web tension transducer solutions for hazardous areas utilising Zener barrier or galvanic isolator modules


CMC – Worldwide supplier of Cleveland Kidder Ultra transducers and load cells – Cleveland Kidder Slim Cell stockist

Specialists in web and wire tension control electronics, CMC Controls are able to assist in all aspects of web and wire tension control including component repair, data acquisition and programmable logic controllers……………….web tension control technology at its finest


Absolute Automation Ltd is a manufacturer of Drive Control Systems – leading integrators of AC/DC/Servo Drives.

Absolute Automation is dedicated to supporting drive and control systems across a wide range of industry sectors. From printing and packaging to cabling and material manufacture, Absolute Automation pride themselves in providing reliable, cost-effective engineering solutions specific to customers’ drives and process control requirements. Absolute Automation specialises in system design, commissioning and breakdown repair……..For further information visit: Absolute Automation Ltd.