Digital Tension Indicator LETIX

The LETIX Digital Web Tension Indicator continuously displays the true web tension either as a percentage of total tension or in real engineering units.

The measurement of actual web tension is made by sensing, with strain gauge transducers (sometimes referred to as ‘load cells’), the force on a sensing roller caused by the tension in the web. The electrical signal from the transducers is a combination of tension force and sensing roller deadweight.

The effect of the weight of the sensing roller is removed electronically, leaving the tension force signal only to be displayed on the meter. The LETIX indicator uses high specification A/D and D/A converters, power supply, and a bright LED digital display, all housed in a standard DIN size case.

The LETIX features as standard a transducer bridge supply excitation of 5v or 10v DC, an independently scalable digital display and an isolated analogue output (0 to +10V at 2 mA maximum). It can be used as a remote display and/or as the input to a control system.

The Indicator can accept full scale input voltages of either up to +/- 40 mV (foil strain gauges) or up to +/- 400 mV (semi-conductor strain gauges) for full display with selectable decimal point position and scaling, and a zero offset for both positive and negative sensing.

For further information on installation, voltage selection, indicator and output signal calibration, troubleshooting and transducer connections
consult the CMC LETIX datasheet