Support / Discontinued Products

Absolute Measurement will always strive to support its customers in the best way possible, so if you have an obsolete product, require a manual or just need some expert advice because you cannot find what you are looking for, see below or give us a call.

Discontinued Products

Please note we no longer support or supply the below products.

Our discontinued products are listed as follows:

TA Amplifiers

  • A2713 (TA-SDR10V Mains)
  • A2713U (Ultra TA-SDR10V Mains)
  • A2715 (TA-SLTR10V Mains)
  • A2723 (TA-SDR10V 24V DC)
  • A2723U (Ultra TA-SDR10V 24V DC)
  • A2724 (TA-SDR20mA 24V DC)
  • A2724U (Ultra TA-SDR20mA 24V DC)
  • A2725 (TA-SLTR10V 24V DC)
  • A2725US (TA-SLM-SLTR10V 24V DC)
  • A2733 (TA-FDR10V Mains)
  • A2735 (TA-FLTR10V Mains)
  • A2745 (TA-FLTR10V 24V DC)
  • A2749 (TA-FDR10V 24V DC)

All variants of ICD / PC / PM / MC / WC Controllers, commonly known as our ‘Blue Box’ Controllers.